Chase Chandler, a contract agent for the FBI, posing as an international corporate executive, is on assignment in Mexico to retrieve a murderer hiding out under the protection of a Mexican drug lord. Always the consummate professional, Chase is immediately knocked off track when he meets a noted flamenco dancer, Lorena Sontaya. A passionate affair ensues but it is soon threatened when Chase’s mission backfires and Lorena is kidnapped by the vengeful drug lord. Chase ultimately rescues Lorena but the suspense of who will eventually prevail in this lethal game for dominance is just beginning.

At the same time as Chase and Lorena are trying to put their lives back together, Diego Sanchez, an international fencing champion, is returning home to Mexico after a twenty-five-year absence only to discover his affair at the age of nineteen produced an illegitimate son. Haunted by his past, Diego begins a quest to find his son that takes him down the darkest passages of deception and treachery. During his search for answers Diego encounters Lorena, who is estranged from Chase after he breaks his promise to resign from missions for the FBI. Tormented by the question of her future with Chase, Lorena turns to Diego. The resulting conflict encircling this triad is fraught with suspicion and betrayal—leaving no one untouched by the steadfast grip of uncertainty.

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Praise for Just Beyond the Edge

“A real page turner! Twists and turns galore. Well worth taking the journey.”
Michael Grais, Producer, Screenwriter, Poltergeist

“All the classic angles that you like to see in an action novel.  Suspense, betrayal and a final twist at the end. A movie just waiting to be made.”
Gunnar Erickson, Author, The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide

“Captivating storytelling! For someone who enjoys a good summer read, this was right up my alley.”
Peter Speek, Producer, Warren Miller Film Productions

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