It’s 1971 at the height of the flower power and the Vietnam anti-war movement. Maggie Hunter, accepted to medical school, but threatened by her own ambivalence, postpones her decision opting for an alternative lifestyle at a commune in northern California.

At Harmony Road, Maggie meets and falls for aspiring writer, Holland Simmons. Threatened by the commitment of a long-term relationship, Maggie opts for a more superficial affair with anti-war leader, Tom Duncan. Duncan joins a radical offshoot of the Weathermen Underground and involves Maggie in a deadly bombing incident. On the run from the FBI, Maggie returns to Harmony Road. Holland forgives her only to find out she’s pregnant with Duncan’s child. Holland stands by her but soon after she gives birth, Duncan shows up at the commune. Without warning, Maggie disappears never to be seen again.

Fast forward to 1999, Maya Simmons, a recent Harvard PhD graduate in Epidemiology is still mourning the recent death of her father, Holland. is going through her recently deceased father’s personal papers when she discovers a dark secret from her parent’s past. Her quest for the truth takes her from Colorado to a coastal community in California to a refugee camp at the foot of the Himalayas.

Compelled to track down her estranged mother, Maggie Hunter, Maya disguises her true identity securing a volunteer job at a Tibetan refugee camp where Maggie is hiding out from Interpol. With the help of a Tibetan lama, Maya confronts her long suppressed feelings of rejection and her fear of accepting Maggie back into her life. Ironically, just as they begin their journey of reconciliation, Maya finds herself at the center of having to solve the deadly epidemic threatening refugees and her own mother’s life.

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